Captain Approval Requirement Lifted. Early Bird Pricing Extended Through Dec. 4

Captain Approval Requirement Lifted. Early Bird Pricing Extended Through Dec. 4

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Hello DSL!

As many of you have noticed, we have been making quite a few changes to the way we have been doing things.

These changes are to solve issues like:

  • Eliminate Teams with Incomplete Rosters
  • Improve T-Shirt Distribution Process 
    • (See the offer in your registration flow to help with T-Shirt Distibution)
  • Fix The Issue of Teams Playing Against Like Colors
    • (Shirt Colors are now first come first serve)
  • Discourage Last Minute & No Call/No Show Forfeits
    • (See the Forfeit Policy)
  • Minimize/Eliminate Schedule Changes

…and also Eliminate Free Agents Registering for Teams that do need Free Agents.

For the past 6 months we have been developing and implementing a number of player facing and back end operational innovations that will vastly improve the DSL experience both on and off the field.

In this case, we wanted to implement a feature that would allow Captains an added layer of control over the players registering for their teams. Many Captains have complained about players registering for their teams that they nor anyone on their team invited. This was happening when players who should be registerng as “Free Agents” would register instead as a “Team Player” and join a team they though had available space. Someting we believe to be an honest mistake.

Update Notes:

We have now removed the Captain Approval Requirement during the registration process and we have added a waiver feature to the Team Player Registration flow that will ask those registering directly for a team to confirm their invitation to that team. This will not stall or prevent the registration in any way.

Captains:  If you find players that have registered for your team that were not invited by you or any existing teammates please let us know and we will find them another team.

Early Bird Pricing Extended: 

What we did not realize was that the system was not allowing people to pay until the Captain approved their request. Ergo some people actually missed out on the Early Bird pricing waiting for approval to pay and join the team. So in light of that we are lifting the Captain approval requirement and extending Early Bird Registration through Sunday! Register Now

We are constantly working to make improvements to the member and Captain experience. Protecting the team from registrations that are unwanted is something we have been working to come up with a solution and protocol around for some time. This was one step that we tried that has proven to have some unintended affects and in light of those affects will be lifting the approval requirement.

We will continue to work on other solutions. In the meantime, enjoy the extension of the Early Bird Pricing with no need for a discount code through Sunday.

We will NEVER stop working to make DSL better. We will never stop working to make Delaware an active, fun, and welcoming place to call home!

Happy Registering and Happy Holiday’s!

Bobby D

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