Softball, Friends, & Suds. 6 Days A Week!
Statistics are like a bikini. They don’t reveal anything. On the contrary when you can relax and play for a game simply fun that reveals quite a bit. For instance that you are a grown up.

Our style is a coed wooden bat league. Well wooden bats for guys, ladies may use any style bat that is ASA approved. The reason for this of course is that we want DSL to be a safe league for people of all skill levels. It makes for an interesting twist to the game without taking away any of the fun. We have our own set of rules that we have come up with to fit what we need to make our games fun with a sprinkle of competition to make things interesting. There are all kinds of options for traditional softball, but there is only ONE DSL Softball experience!


  • Alapocas Woods Park
  • Banning Park
  • Greenbank Park

When We Play:

The days and times can change from season to season and even night to night.
But here is a good benchmark no matter what sport you are playing:

If your league plays any day Monday thru Friday, games are no usually no earlier than 6pm and no later than 10pm.

If your league plays any day on the Weekend games are usually no earlier than 8am and no later than 4pm.

Basic Format:

  • 10 players on the field at a time
  • 7 Inning Games
  • Everyone Hits
  • $10 Ref Fees per team per Game.

What It’s Like To Play…

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