That’s Right…We Said Kickball!
Among the most mature decisions you can make in life, is to embrace the playfulness of youth.

It is the game you played in grade school! It’s a bunch of adults running around acting silly like kids. Costumes are welcomed. The basic game is played how you remember it, but feel free to check the rules on via the link below for specifics. In DSL, we play a very loosey goosey version because it’s just for fun. No athletic ability what so ever needed. We have our own set of rules that we have come up with to fit what we need. We listened to what our members had to say and we created our version TOGETHER!


  • Parking-Fee  Alapocas Run State Park
  • Middletown High School
  • Pike Creek – Coming Soon!
  • Dover – Coming Soon!
  • The Beach – Coming Soon!

Parking-Fee – Indicates Third Party Parking Fees May Apply

When We Play:

The times and locations can change from season to season and sport to sport.
But here is a good benchmark no matter what sport you are playing:

If you league plays any day Monday thru Friday, games are no usually no earlier than 6pm and no later than 10pm.

If your league plays any day on the Weekend games are usually no earlier than 8am and no later than 4pm.

…But don’t hold us to that absolutely. As the saying goes, there are exceptions to every rule!

Use the filters in the registration listings below to find the right day and time for you for the league you are looking to join. The League Details page will have the most up to date info on times, days, locations, and pricing for each sport we have open for registration.

Basic Format:

  • 9 players on the field at a time
  • Must have 3 girls
  • Everyone Kicks


It’s Time to Make The Choice To Play!

You have arrived at an important moment!

You are either about to sign up to play (Congrats!) or you are already signed up and you are here to check your schedule or standings. (Also congrats!)

Below, you have all the control.

By using the filter options you can find just about anything that you are looking for:

Registrations: You have found it! The available registration for the sport page you are on is the default filter. From there you can filter to find anything we have available.

Schedule & Standings: Simply Select the “In Progress” option and use the filter to choose the sport you are looking for. Then select the program for which you are looking to find the schedule and off you go!

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