Wilmington 2017 Spring Soccer: Monday

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Stuff You Need To Know...

This league plays on:
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Between 6:00PM and 8:00PM
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Important Dates & Deadlines:

Super Early Bird: Starts January 29 - Check Your Email For The Code!
Early Bird: Starts May 29th
Regular Registration: Starts June 12th
Teams & T-Shirts: Deadline: July 6th
Last Minute: Starts July 7th


Timing Team Free Agent
Super Savings $450.00 $45.00
Early Bird Savings $500.00 $50.00
General Registrations $550.00 $55.00
Teams & T-Shirts Deadline: July 6th
Last Minute $650.00 $65.00
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Please Note: In Order To Provide You With Lower Up Front Registration Prices and Quality Officiating, DSL has a $10 Per Official, Per Team, Per Game Compensation Policy (Unless Otherwise Noted in Your League Details). Payment Is Due Each Week Given To The Lead Official Prior to The Start Of Your Game. Most Leagues Have 1 Official Per Game. Some Higher Skill Divisions May Have 2 Officials.

Monday soccer returns! 

Soccer has quickly become one of our most popular DSL Sports. In the Spring & Summer we play with regulation size nets. The field sizes are close to regulation but generally depend on the venue and the number of players we have on the pitch. Depending on team sizes we may adjust the number of players on the field if we think we can get more of you playing at a time. We start with 8v8 (7 field players and a keeper). If we have enough to go up we will...all the way up to a regulation game of 11a side! But we start with a slightly smaller squad size to make it easier to put together teams and then go from there. Don't be fooled by the light hearted commitment to fun approach that we take. There are some PLAYERS in the league and of those of you that are new to the sport, we have plenty of you too. 

You have the power to create fun!

As always with DSL, we remind you that there are two parts to every night. The game...then the games after the games at the bar! 

We always say, if you come play and leave, thats like paying for a full show and then leaving in the middle for no real reason at all. To make the most of your experience in DSL we each play a role. Ours it to provide you with an organized league, quality officiating and league representation, the opportunity to be active, be social, and to repeat weekly. We will provide fun programming both on the field and at the bars. It is your role to you to take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the co-creative process of making your night out every week a fun one, filled with taking advantage of the opportunity to make new friends every week. That part we can't do for you. YOU have the power to make your DSL experience whatever you want it to be and we encourage you to do just that! 

League Details:


Games Traditionally Played at: 

  • Alapocas Run State Park- Get Directions
  • AI Dupont Middle School - Get Directions
  • Ursuline Academy: Servium Fields - Get Directions

Please Note: Venue subject to change. We are consistently looking for new venues and working with facilities to provide you with the best possible playing experience. Any changes will not impact travel times more than 5 to 10 minutes from our traditionally used venues. 


  • 8 players on the field at a time
  • 20 minute Halves
  • Must have minimum 2 gals on the field at all times

League Includes:

  • League Management
  • Dedicated League Manager
  • Schedule & Standings 
  • 7 Games Per Season
  • 1 Playoff Game - Everyone Makes The Playoffs! 
  • Team T-Shirt- If registered before T-Shirt Deadline
  • Post Game Happy Hour Every Week!
  • Seasonal Prizes & Giveaways 
  • DSL Discounts at local businesses and area attractions 

Please Note:
  • $10 Per Team/Per Game Officiating Compensation
  • You can register online up to the start date of your season. 
  • T-Shirt Deadline to get your shirt on Day 1 is April 12
  • Teams must be available to play at any time during the times shown. When Captains are asked for a Game Time preference this is only a courtesy that we will keep in mind when creating the schedule. Because different teams have different preferences we cannot always guarantee your preference will be honored. However in order to give you the best experience possible we will certainly do our best to keep your preferences in mind.

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