MOT 2017 Fall Indoor Volleyball: Wednesday

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Stuff You Need To Know...

This league plays on:
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Between 7:30PM and 10:30PM
Season Begins
Season Ends

Important Dates & Deadlines:

Early Bird: July 30th - August 14th
Regular Registration: Begins August 15th
Teams & T-Shirts: Deadline: September 11th


Timing Captains | Players | Free Agents
Early Bird Savings $50.00
General Registrations $55.00
Teams & T-Shirts Deadline: Sept. 11th

That's Right Folks! Volleyball is back!

This is our ever growing and always exciting brand of Coed Volleyball! The fall games are played indoors. ANYONE can play! It's fun and has quickly become a member favorite. As always we prefer a less intense atmosphere than your most competitive leagues. That is not to say the competition is bogus. It is fun, exciting, and great exercise! Then of course there is the bar afterwards! See you there! 

League Details:


  • 6 players on the court at a time
  • 3 Games to 25. Every game counts
  • Must have minimum 2 gals on the court at all times
  • $10 game ref fees per team

League Includes:
  • League Management
  • Dedicated League Manager
  • Schedule & Standings 
  • 7 Games Per Season
  • 1 Playoff Game - Everyone Makes The Playoffs! 
  • Team T-Shirt 
  • Post Game Happy Hour Every Week!
  • Seasonal Prizes & Giveaways 
  • DSL Discounts at local businesses and area attractions 

Please Note:
  • Refs fees are $10 per team paid to the refs on the court.
  • You can register online up to the start date of your season. 
  • T-Shirt Deadline to get your shirt on Day 1 is Sept. 11, 2017.
  • Teams must be available to play at any time during the times shown. When Captains are asked for a Game Time preference this is only a courtesy that we will keep in mind when creating the schedule. Because different teams have different preferences we cannot always guarantee your preference will be honored. However in order to give you the best experience possible we will certainly do our best to keep your preferences in mind.

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