DSL ASA Bat Softball Tournament

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Between 9:00AM and 9:00PM
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Important Dates & Deadlines:

Early Bird: July 30th - August 14th
Regular Registration: Begins August 15th
Teams & T-Shirts: Deadline: September 11th


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Early Bird Savings $50.00
General Registrations $50.00
Teams & T-Shirts Deadline: Sept. 11th

DSL's FIRST EVER ASA Bat softball tournament with follow the tradition style of DSL softball.  Teams must have 10 players in the field, 3 of which need to be females.

Teams are guaranteed 3 games (2 games in pool play and 1 playoff game).

Plate and mat will be used by umpires for the strike zone, everyone starts with a 1-1 count.  Female batters have 1 courtesy foul with 2 strikes on them, sorry guys you don't.

$250 team fee if registered by 10/7

$300 team fee if registered after 10/7.

*Music, bar games, etc.  Come spend the day being active and social!

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