Team Pricing The Social Way to Save Broken Down…

Team Pricing The Social Way to Save Broken Down…

For a long time we have had teams ask if they can have a team price. Many times this is because work will pay or they have a sponsor for their team. In some cases there is shift work and they want to have more people registered on the team so they can swap people in and out.

Now you have the ability to do just that!

We have designed this new pricing model to:

  • Reward teams that are social and have plenty of teammates.
  • Reward those that register early. 
  • Charge less $ at Registration
    Provided you register early and have a nice size team.
  • Reward Our Umpires Instantly
    Teams will each pay $5 per week directly to the umpire. 

Why did we do this?
If you and your team register early and often then the price that you pay will not increase from previous seasons. This is not a price increase. In many cases it will actually be a little less!

What this does is allow for us to run a more efficient league and allow for players and teams to have more options.

Here are the options…

Option 1: Team Pricing – Pay In Full – Lock In The Price – Sponsored Teams

This option 100% locks in the team price at whatever price tier you register within. So if you register in Super Early Bird and pay in full, the captain registers the team and will collect from his/her teammates to ensure that they all get the Super Early Bird pricing regardless of when they register. That’s awful nice of them!

Another example of an aproprait use of this option is if work or a sponsor is paying this is how they do it.

If you are a Captain paying in full, there is a lot of trust there. But if you feel comfortable with it, who are we to judge??

Option 2: Team Pricing – Players Register & Pay For Themselves

The cool thing about DSL has always been that Captains are not forced to register and pay for their team in full at the time of registration…if they don’t want to. We have never wanted captains to be forced to go chasing people around for money.  Especially if it is people they don’t really know. Even with Team Pricing we are able to keep our traditional method!

In this option the Captain can elect for his/her teammates to register themselves. He/She picks the number of players they expect to have and the system will automatically present the price to individuals as they register based on the number of players the captain selected. In other words, the system divides it up for you and you pay whatever the team price is divided equally by the number of players you expect to have.  (See below for answers to questions we expect you to ask.)

Tiered registration applies throughout the registration period. This means that as teammates register, they will get the pricing available at the time they register. It is up to the individual player to sign up whenever they choose.  Keep in mind, although the team minimum is set when the captain registers, as Team Prices raise so does the individual price in conjunction with the team price at that time. The system automatically adjusts for any payments based on the new team price.

The moral of the story continues to be REGISTER EARLY!


Captain Registers During “Super Early Bird”: $350 / 10 people = $35 at Registration
If Option 1 is chosen (Pay In Full) this price remains constant. Teammates just give the captain money and register themselves on the site for free to lock in their spot on the team. ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER ON THE SITE TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY. Anyone not registered is not considered a DSL member and will not be allowed to play. See below for rules regarding subs.

If you choose Option 2 (Divide Team Fee Among Teammates) Players that register during this period will get the Super Early Bird Price based on the number of players their captain estimates.

Price Raises to “Early Bird”: $400 / 10 people = $40 per person at Registration
All of the stipulations remain constant from above. The price has simply gone up.

Even if your Captain registered during Super Early Bird, if he/she chose Option 2 then individuals will now be charged the individual price based on the current pricing (Early Bird) and the number of players his/her captain chose. In other words individuals and teammates would now pay $40 each even if the captain registered during super early bird.

This goes on throughout the registration period.

Important Rules To Know:

The team must at least reach the minimum team price that was set at the time their captain registered BEFORE their team receives their shirts or plays in their first game.  The captain can pay by check or charge to make up the balance or possibly add on another player if that is the case. There will be a DSL Representative handing out T-Shirts and they will have a list of existing team balances. Pay in full or have everyone register and this should not be an issue!

How to avoid a balance due:
Captains, when creating a team the system will ask you how many players are on your team, please do your best to make this number as accurate as possible. Its not unwise to even estimate low and have the option to add someone to the team and either divide it among your teammates or have them pay the umpire each week until they have squared things away with you and your teammates.

Teammates, if you say you are going to play, register on time.

Simple right?

Questions We Expect You To Have:

What happens if the number of players I picked is wrong?
First, it’s safer to choose fewer teammates if you are not sure. If you choose fewer, then simply have the “extra” person pay their portion to each other member of the team to make it even.  If you chose more than what is signed up then your balance will be short and the team will be responsible for the balance.

How do subs work now?
A team may not play with more people than are on their roster. However, if a player is going to be absent and the team wants to bring in a sub to take his/her place we are happy to welcome them to play. We love visitors in DSL!
(We know they’ll get hooked) 🙂

All we ask is that you announce them to the umpire or manager and have them sign the Participant Release of Liability. If you don’t and the other team challenges that the player is eligable then you will automatically lose to forfiet. Its a silly way to lose a game considering we are happy to have them anyway.

As far as we are concerned with team pricing it is up to you if a player can’t make it and you want to bring in a sub. To us this is addressing the issue of players just skipping regisration and trying to skate by while others are paying. This eliminates the need to be “sneeky” and gives incentive for teams to spread the DSL word by bringing in a friend to play when a teammate is unable to make it.

Subs may not be used in the playoffs. Any players participating in the playoffs must be on the roster by the 5th week. Roster checks will be in effect during the Playoffs.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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