Tonight’s Kickball Games Are Postponed

Tonight’s Kickball Games Are Postponed

Hey Wednesday Kickballers!

Due to poor weather and field conditions we are going to have to postpone tonight’s games.  We thought the storm might pass but it looks like it’s here to stay with pretty high winds for the better part of the night. THAT is the big issue. The wind.

Here’s what the weather looks like during game times:

Wet conditions plus very high winds do not mix. Once you hit the 13mph winds mark it is really a rough situation and we would not want you or the umpires to get sick over a Kickball game.

Rest assured we will be on the schedule tomorrow to reschedule tonight’s games and do whatever we can to get the season over on time. Be prepared to play A LOT of kickball over the course of the next couple of weeks!

Have a good night, stay dry, and we’ll see you next Wednesday!

~DSL Crew

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