Free Agent Welcome Wagon

Welcome to DSL Free Agents!

You are the courageous many that put themselves out there in the interest of finding fun, friendship. And a healthy lifestyle both on and off the “field”. Thank You!

We work extremely hard to create a fun environment where it’s easy to be active, make new friends, and be social all at the same time.  We provide opportunities to meet new people in the area by offering Leagues, Tournaments, Post Game Happy Hours (after every game), Classes, Trips, Outings, Food & Beverage Specials, Local Discounts, and so much more!

The DSL Welcome Wagon is designed to help you find your way around and provide you with all of the tools you need to be successful as a new member and/or FREE AGENT in DSL!

What You Need To Know

Take it easy buddy…its about the FUN.

DSL is designed specifically to be a low stress, less intense, recreational environment dedicated to a balanced approach to wellness by addressing both physical and social wellness simultaneously. That is not to say that the level of play or competition is lacking at all levels. There are some serious athletes that have come through our doors. The likes of Delaware greats Monique Foote, Kadisha Rushdan and of course in 2016 Ellena Delle Donne won a Dodgeball Championship to sit aside her WNBA 2016 MVP Award and Olympic Gold Medal!

It’s About The People…

It is a long held Delaware tradition to become routine in how we entertain ourselves and somewhat “cliquey” by virtue of basically growing up together in such close quarters. One of the main goals that DSL takes very seriously is breaking those habits and helping our members understand that it is up to “us” (the people that live here) to make Delaware a fun place to live. No one gets to tell us that we don’t have fun here. We beg to differ.

In 2012 we were among the first to break the news about FIREFLY MUSIC FESTIVAL coming to Delaware. Now in its 5th year DSL is activating the Sand Volleyball courts that will be in the Woodlands to help spread the word on behalf of Delaware Tourism Office about all the exciting reasons to visit Delaware.  

  • In June of 2015 Delaware Sports League was directly responsible for bringing WIPEOUTRUN (now back to its original name ROC Race) to the Wilmington Riverfront in which more than 6500 people came out to participate in the event in one way or another.
  • Since 2007 DSL leagues have serviced tens of thousands of participants who have come to be active, make friends, and have fun. We have seen countless friendships and lots of love over the years. Plenty that have resulted in Marriage and children.

The point is WE get to decide for ourselves whether or not we have fun here. Nobody gets to decide that for us. For almost a decade we have made it our responsibility to create opportunities for Delawareans to find fun and develop meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

FUN is up to us…it’s also up to YOU!

What’s Next?

We have seen your registration and are working on placing you on a team.  You will be notified regarding your team placement within 2 weeks of the start of the season.  We will introduce you to your new team and provide you the contact information.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at

Once again…
DSL is all about having fun and building new relationships!  So remember to go out and enjoy yourself!


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We Are A Community And Everyone Is A Part of It