DSL Forfeit Policy


Forfeit Policy & Enforcement Protocol

The forfeit policy is in place to protect teams against missed games due to other teams not showing up. This is to discourage teams from last minute cancellations and/or no call no shows.

When a team does not show up this wastes the time of everyone involved and costs their opponent a valuable game that they have paid to play. Not fun for anyone!

Our goal is not to punish for having to forfeit. It is to hold accountable those who do not give notice in advance so that we may make other arrangements for teams to get a game.

Having to forfeit from time to time is a part of playing sports. Especially as an adult. DSL understands that and only asks that each team consider the time of every DSL member, our Officials, and the league administrators and to show that respect by communicating both with the league and your opponent a reasonable amount of time in advance of your forfeited game.

Forfeit Policy:

Teams that give notice of their need to forfeit [48] hours or more prior to the start of their next scheduled game will be issued a loss on their Regular Season Record or Playoff Game but will not be subject to any Forfeit Fee of any kind. We get it. It happens.

Giving Notice Means:

  • E-Mailing the League – info@delawaresportsleague.com
  • Calling The League – +1 (302) 654-8787
  • Messaging the Opposing Team Captain (Optional but just a cool thing to do)
    • Here is a tutorial as to how to do that! – Email The Other Team

When You Have To Pay A Forfeit Fee:

Any team that Forfeits a game within [24] hours of their scheduled game is responsible for paying the Forfeit Fee.

The Forfeit fee includes:

  • The Officiating Fee for Each Team (Varies by League) + $5 Service Fee

All forfeit fees must be paid before the team is allowed to play their next scheduled game.

Any team that does not settle their forfeit fee before the start of their next scheduled game will forfeit the next game as well and be subject to removal from the league.

Note: Any team that forfeits [3] times in a single season, for any reason, will be removed from the remainder of the League Schedule.

Paying Your Forfeit Fee:

It’s SUPER easy and all Forfeit Fees can be paid online 24/7 just go here:

Pay Your Forfeit Fee

The “Pay Your Forfeit Fee” link can also be found on every Sport Page as well as at the bottom of the “Sports” Drop Down Menu.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Forfeit Fee:

Where does the Forfeit Fee go?

The Forfeit Fee goes to the scheduled Official.

What about sports where the Officials Fee is included?

The Forfeit Fee still goes to the scheduled Official.

What is the $5 “Service Fee” for?

This is for payment processing and paying the staff for time spent managing the last minute accommodations. Last minute forfeits cause a host of issues that take our Crew away from the things we are already doing to make the DSL experience incredible, week in, and week out for all our members. Time spent managing the accommodations of a last minute forfeit is time away from creating greatness.

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