The way we see it, DSL is a tool that helps each of us find the key that unlocks the doorway to the playfulness of our youth. It is about finding a place to be active, get to know the area, form lasting friendships, if you are lucky and looking you might even find love. Just ask the many couples that are now married to people they met while participating in DSL.
Reasons to join DSL:
  • Be Active
  • Play the sports you love in a more social atmosphere
  • Get off the couch & out into the world
  • Meet New People
  • Meet the Man/Woman of their dreams
  • Get out once a week with old friends
  • If new to the area, find your way around Delaware in a fun and social way
  • Educate yourself through our classes & instructional
  • Find a new way to grow their network for professional reasons
  • Increase Corporate Synergy and Address Team Building (Fancy talk for “hang out with work friends”)
  • Save money on Beer
It is about just going out and doing a little something we all used to know how to do at some point in our lives…PLAY. It’s different as an adult and in many ways that much more important and (depending on your perspective) even more fun!


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We Are A Community And Everyone Is A Part of It